Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Amazing SciFi Novel

‘Elusive numbers’ is a unique and amazing work by famous science writer Mr. Zeashan Zaidi. I think that everyone has some fear of mathematics- a little bit or more. But this creation of Mr Zaidi is equally important for those who keep interest in mathematics or not. With the main character of novel, readers not only entered in the depth of this subject, but till the end of solve the puzzle they found themselves acquainted with different faces of mathematics also; which help to resolve their fear too. Thus the end of the novel becomes a new journey of them with infinite mathematical numbers. This novel is full of suspense, adventure, comedy and thrill. It is a must readable sci-fi novel for its important subject and interesting writing style.

....A review on the book “Elusive Numbers” by a SciFi reader Abhishek Mishra

For reading the full novel please click on the link :


Menaka S. said...

Sounds interesting. I should read this book. I love mathematics and I hope I shall enjoy the book.

Varun Mishra said...

Thanks for sharing such a intresting post with us
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