Saturday, January 3, 2015


When he entered the Principal’s cabin, Agarwal Sir was already present there.
“Sunil Kumar, boy, come.” The principal called for him caringly. He moved ahead.
“I am delighted to know that you have challenged Agarwal Sir that you can beat him in math.” The principal looked at Agrawal Sir. He was looking at Sunny with a sarcastic expression.
“Me?” said the king astonishingly.
Then, he understood the matter in a moment. He realized that Gagan and company had whispered into the ears of Agarwal Sir and principal.
“It is good, anyway. It will fulfill my mission. Nice chance.” He thought.
“Answer me, Sunil Kumar.” Principal Bhatia asked him.
“My heart told me to do so and that is why I challenged him.” Sunny replied politely.
Agarwal Sir’s face was as red as a melting iron whereas Mrs. Bhatia was almost going to fall off her chair.
“I accept his challenge.” said Agarwal Sir, “But I have a condition.”
“What condition?” the principal asked.
“If he is unable to solve the problem given by me, he will dip himself into the dirty sewer flowing behind our school.”
“This is an extreme punishment Mr. Agarwal …” the principal wanted to continue but king in Sunny’s appearance interrupted by saying, “I approve of the condition.”
“Alright. Let me set the question paper.” Agarwal Sir stood up.

...Excerpt from the e-book “Elusive Numbers”
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