Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Secret of Notice

“Hey! Neha, did you read this notice?” Pinky asked Neha and they turned towards the notice board.
“What is Sunny going to tell after the prayer tomorrow?” Tanu thought deeply.
“It seems that he has outgrown even the teachers’ brain here” Neha said with a smile.

“May I tell you?” Pinky said and both of them turned to her.
“What?” Neha asked.
“I think that Sunny is going to announce his love for you in front of the school tomorrow. It’s possible that he may propose you.” Pinky mischievously said.
“From which slumberland did this thought enter your mind?” Neha stared at her.

“Ha! My brain works faster than a computer. I can see true love for you in his eyes.” Pinky said happily.
“I wish this was true” Neha sighed. “But this is nothing more than a sweet dream.”
“Why do you say that it’s a dream? I have said it. He will do tomorrow what I am telling - sure.”
Pinky raised her finger which struck something behind her. She sighed and turned to look at a boy fallen on the ground. A heavy bouquet fell from his hand beside him. He got up in pain. Even though his face was covered in mud, the girls recognized him.

It was Gagan.
“Hey! Gagan, what happened to you?” Tanu was astonished.
“Actually I couldn’t see because of this huge bouquet in my hand and fell into drain.” Gagan laughed it away.
“I know this bouquet is for me. Gagan, you care so much for me. Many many thanks to you for this gift.” Pinky happily said and Gagan nastily looked at her. She was the only girl in the school whom Gagan hated.
“I will get you a mortar and pestle, someday, to prepare spices. Be off, this bouquet is for Neha.” Gagan offered Neha the bouquet after picking it up.

“For me, but why?” Neha was expressionless.
“Actually I want to tell you a message today whatever I have been restless about, since ages.” Gagan tried to be romantic. Although his face did not allow him to be so.
“Amazing! The guy is getting restless as if it was not message but a constipation disease.” This habit of Tanu to interrupt in between made people feel irritated many times.

...Excerpt from the e-book “Elusive Numbers”
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