Monday, July 7, 2014

The War of Reflections : Part-5

A SciFi Paranormal

“Yes, I know you must have forgotten that incident. Not even you, nobody else must be thinking about it. Just remember, fifty years ago when you were around 8 or 10 years of age, it was your father’s rule then.

That time there existed a great scientist, he was the most intelligent person of the planet but he just made a single mistake. He fell in love with the emperor’s daughter. When emperor came to know about this he punished the scientist.

He ordered the executioner to tear the scientist into two pieces and throw him in the deserts of quite land.”

“But what have you got to do with that scientist?” Emperor interrupted in between.

“I am the same scientist JAASANGH.”

“Oh! But you are alive?”

“Yes. Because before I was executed, I had invented an incredible way due to which I am not just alive but I am forcing the people of your planet to die. Do you want to see that invention? Then see.”

Saying this he pressed a button on the remote he was holding and the wall infront of him turned into a big TV screen. The screen showed a room in which a machine was installed.

“This is the invention of Jaasangh the great scientist. This machine can dislocate any part of the human body in such a way that the dislocated part can still stay alive connected with the brain and works accordingly. Special types of waves keep them connected. These waves are made by this machine. Watch it.”

The picture changed on the screen. A stretcher approached towards the machine automatically. A monkey was lying on the stretcher. As soon as the stretcher reached that machine, it emitted a bright light and emerged inside the monkey.

“This is exactly what happened to that person.” Mario exclaimed.

The screen showed the stretcher reaching another machine which had a blade installed in it. The machine started and the monkey was cut into two equal halves. Then they saw a miracle that the monkey had gained consciousness and it was hopping everywhere. Infact both the parts of the monkey were hopping everywhere.

“As you can see, both the parts of the monkey are alive and the mind is controlling both the parts.”

Emperor and his troops couldn’t utter a single word. They were dumbstruck because of amazement.

Jaasangh continued explaining, “Some of my trusted mates had transported this machine before itself in this desert. I was torn into two parts with a fretsaw and thrown here. Whole world believed that I was dead but I wasn’t. After throwing me here; the troops went away and I tried putting both my parts together but I realised one of the parts was dying. Probably my invention was lacking somewhere. The parts which kept dying, I replaced them with the metallic parts. And today I have become this way.”

“Your invention is astonishing. I respect you for this. You have completed you punishment as well because of which I am forgiving you. Now you can live on this planet independently.”

Jaasangh had an extremely wicked laugh and said, “Who are you to forgive me? I am going to take revenge from your planet because of which my body has become half alive and half dead. This is why I have invented a special way for taking revenge from your people, way through which people kill themselves. Do you want to know how?”

Emperor stayed quite.

...To Be Continued


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You write very interesting stories :)
This one is a very talented blog..

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