Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The War of Reflections : Part-6 (Last Part)

A SciFi Paranormal

“I have modified this machine and now this machine divides human’s cells into two. These cells form quickly and leave the original body and form a new body which is exactly a copy of the original body.

As these cells are connected with each other through invisible waves, the wound that the copy of the body gets, the same wound appears on the original body. As a result, the original body is killed along with its copy.”

“But why do they fight with each other?” Mario questioned. aspect

“It is a good question. Actually the human’s body is made up of two phases which always act opposite to each other. Heat and coldness both are required to keep it alive. Whenever he does a task, his mind is in a dilemma of doing it or not doing it. This happens because of those two opposite phases which are found in each and every cell of the body.

When my machine does the segmentation of the cells, it divides both the opposite phases into two separate bodies. As a result the body and its reflection both are destroyed while opposing each other.

And now I am going to make your shadow as well. You can tell me if you have any last wishes.” Jaasangh told the emperor.

“Yes I have a last wish if you can fulfil it........”

“It depends on the wish.”

“I want to talk to you one on one alone.”

Jaasangh thought for a while and agreed, “Alright, but don’t try to do any misconduct because nothing is going to harm me but you are going to die sooner.”

Jaasangh and emperor were sitting on the chairs placed opposite to each other.

“Yes, what do you have to say?”

“You explained earlier that the human body is made up of two different phases. This is not your discovery, is it?”

“Yes this is my guru’s discovery, which I have used in my invention.”

“Your guru has had various students who have used the same discovery. Amongst them one of the scientists has invented a device which suppresses one phase of the body and bulges the other.”

“I don’t have any knowledge about this.”

“I have a device like this. Do you want to see it?”

“For this you will ask the permission to go back to your castle. But I can’t allow you for this.”

“That device is still in my pocket.”

Saying this emperor kept his hand inside his pocket and took out a device, the next moment he indicated the device towards Jaasangh and pressed a button on it.

Then two incidents took place at the same time.

A strong light originated from that device and struck on Jaasangh’s face and a blue wave struck emperor’s body.

As soon as the wave hit the emperor, his body started melting like wax. Probably the patrolling machines had come to know that the emperor is about to harm Jaasangh’s body.

Jaasangh started acting dizzy like a drunk.

For almost 2 minutes emperor’s body kept on melting and Jaasangh was rolling like a drunk. Suddenly Jaasangh stood straight. Now he was completely conscious.

He saw the place where emperor was sitting and found a dusky fluid lying there.

“Oh! This shouldn’t have happened. Emperor, you gave your life for saving your planet, but I am not going to let this sacrifice of yours go in vain.

“Your device has killed the devil and the vengeance phase inside me. Now I am only thinking about goodness and betterment. I will destroy my dangerous creations and your planet is saved from the dangers that I was about to cause them.” Jaasangh bid his last goodbye to emperor and stood up.

Jaasangh destroyed his machines with his own hands and surrendered himself. Mario and the rest were released.

The emperor’s dusky fluid substances were taken in a tube and were buried and a tomb was made on that place. Now everyday people in thousands visit the tomb and bless the person who saved them from a ferocious danger.


Written by : Zeashan Zaidi ; Published first time in Feb 2007 in a Hindi magazine 'Electroniki Aapke Liye' 

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