Sunday, July 6, 2014

The War of Reflections : Part-4

A SciFi Paranormal

Soon it was decided that Emperor and Mario along with 3-4 troops will go beyond the rock with a special army helicopter and will try to understand the case. After sometime the helicopter started flying above the rock. Now they noticed that the whole area was covered with green colour of dense fog.

“This strange fog has hidden the whole ground.” Mario said.

“Take the helicopter inside the fog.” Emperor instructed the pilot.

Pilot took the helicopter downwards. After few moments all they could see was the dense fog surrounding them.

All of a sudden the helicopter started rotating with fast speed. All the troops sitting inside lost their balance and were placed here and there.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” Emperor shouted at the pilot.

“Sir the helicopter is out of my control.” Pilot said.

In the next few moments the abrupt movement of the helicopter made them loose there conscious.

When they regained their consciousness they found themselves lying on a floor. They all got up and sat and started looking at the walls which were completely plane. There was no sign of any door.

“We welcome the Emperor of Gail planet.” Suddenly a voice echoed due to which they started looking everywhere shockingly.

The voice had come from the front wall.

“Who are you?” emperor questioned the wall.

Along with the question of the emperor the front wall started tearing up, behind which they found a man standing. They were again mesmerised.

The person in front was divided into two portions. One portion was made up of muscles and the other portion was made up of iron. This meant the second portion was like a robot.

“I am the owner of this place. This is the same place which your army has surrounded from all the directions.” To make this voice the person had to move both the parts of his lips that were the muscular lips as well as the iron lips.

Although a glass wall existed in between the emperor and that person but still his voice was clearly heard.

“But who are you? And what games are you playing sitting on this place.” Emperor asked.

“I’m playing such a game which is going to destroy your planet completely and only then I will be done with my vengeance.” Because of anger that stranger’s face had turned red.

“What so wrong have the innocent people of my planet done to you? What kind of revenge are you trying to take from them?” Emperor had a sign of worry in his tone.

...To Be Continued

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