Friday, July 4, 2014

The War of Reflections : Part-3

A SciFi Paranormal

“What kind of incident is this? What kinds of miracles are taking place on our planet?” Emperor said anxiety. He had listened to the whole story from Mario and the other scientists.

“One thing is clear, that special bright light is responsible for all these things happening. We thought it as suicides but it was not. We cannot even call it a murder.” Mario said.

“Let the matter be whatever, the question is how we can stop these things otherwise if this continues to happen, and then soon our planet will be left without any population.” Emperor said in a worried tone.

“It seems as if there is some kind of paranormal power acting on our planet.” One of the scientists exclaimed.

“What the hell are you talking about? Being a scientist you are talking superstitiously. There can be a possibility that some other planet is planning a conspiracy against our planet.” Mario scolded and shared his opinion.

“Mario is right. We cannot deny the fact that this can be conspiracy of other planet. This is why let us make our pulsar radar ready for patrolling each and every corner of the sky. We have to get to the centre of this conspiracy.” Saying this Emperor concluded the meeting

Three days later a scientist sitting on the radio telescope gave information that he can see a bright light which looked similar to the previous version.
Listening to this Emperor and Mario approached him.

“This means someone else’s death is near today. This bright light has come from which planet?” Mario asked.

“This has originated from our planet only.” Saying this he rewinded the picture sequence. Then they saw a large deserted area which was free from population. It was surrounded by big sand hills. The bright light originated from one of the sand hills which headed in one direction.

“This is a quite land where neither humans nor animals are found.” Mario said.

“This is why someone has selected this land against us. I am going to get the army ready for sending it to this area. Mario, you are going to be with me in this mission.”

“So are you also going there?”

“Yes.” Emperor agreed.

Soon a large army under the supervision of Emperor approached the same place. To remove the sand hills, bombardments had started. Large sand hills flew like cotton balls but the hill from which the light particle had originated that did not even move a bit from its place.

Observing from close it was understood that it is a big strong rock.

...To Be Continued

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