Thursday, July 3, 2014

The War of Reflections : Part-2

A SciFi Paranormal

This started its investigation from Random city where the suicide statistics were the highest. The toll was around two hundred.

“The use of axe has been a common weapon in all the suicides.” While walking on the streets of random city one of the scientists shared his opinion.

“Probably that person is also going to commit suicide using an axe.” The other scientist diverted their attention to a person whose face reflected various kinds of expressions.

“It’s not necessary. Might be he is taking that axe for some other use.” The previous scientist said.

“There is no harm in stalking him. Possibly we can reach a conclusion.” Mario, the chief of the scientist said and they all went stalking that person.

The person unknowing about the stalking kept moving constantly in one direction. Approximately after walking a distance of 1KM he reached a place which was a big park in the city. This park was usually quiet and calm. And that time as well there was nobody in the vicinity.

That person stood in the middle of the park. After waiting for a while the scientist decided to move inside the park. Before they could reach inside a strong bright light appeared in front of them. This was a small part of light which was standing in air right in front of that man.

That person couldn’t bare this light and he fainted there. The scientist watched the light entering inside the body of that person and within a matter of time the light was completely inside that man’s body. The body of that person laid there without any movement.

“What is happening?” One of the scientists said astonishingly.

But something more interesting was waiting for them. Suddenly there was a movement in that body and it started getting divided into two pieces. The scientists kept watching this in amazement.

After a while there were two bodies lying on the ground which were exactly same. The new person got up and sat all of a sudden and gave a push to the other person. As soon as the other person got the knock he gained his consciousness and started gazing at his shadow with fainting look. And then his shadow did something which made him lose his temper. He picked the axe placed nearby and jumped on him. This led to a great war between them.

At last the shadow had got a very hard knock on his head which made him fall. But that person also got the same knock on his head naturally and he fell down with him. The scientist saw two corpses lying there amongst which one was disappearing slowly. This corpse was of the shadow.


...To Be Continued

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