Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The War Of Reflections : Part-1

A SciFi Paranormal by Zeashan Zaidi

The two of them were completely covered in blood but were not willing to give up. It seemed as if the fight would stop only after someone’s death.

Both of them were twins but more surprisingly if one got a wound somewhere on his body the same wound would appear on the other twin naturally. But still they were hitting each other like devils. In a matter of time one of them slipped and fell down. 

The other one took an axe which was kept there and attacked on his head. The person lying down got his head burst out making a fountain of blood. At the same time the other one also had blood coming out of his head. Soon both of them felt short of breath and died.

Approximately five minutes late, smoke started coming out of the man who had his head burst out and slowly his body started to disappear.
After sometime there was only one corpse lying.

Millions of light years away from the sun were this solar system, where several planets like earth were revolving around a star. Amongst these there was a planet of wise creatures. These creatures were just like the humans on earth. 

In a big room on this planet was the corpse of that same creature kept who lost his life while struggling with his own twin. The corpse was surrounded by few people who were standing there anxiously.

One amongst them was there Emperor which was understandable by the dress he was wearing.

“Its 600 after counting him.” The same person spoke, “Until now so many people have committed suicide, if this is going to be the situation soon our planet will be endangered.”

“The question arises, why so many people are committing suicide. We don’t have any kind of problem on our planet. Everybody is living peacefully, then why is all this happening?”

Nobody had the answer to his question. At last a panel consisting of five psychological scientists was made.


...To Be Continued

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