Monday, June 9, 2014

Life Away from Life : Part-4

A SciFi Thriller

“Why do you want me to meet the King?” Sheele inquired while testing a machine.

“Because we mistook him. When I told him that I love you and can’t marry him, he was happy. He told me that he will never force me to marry him and wished us a great life. When he came to know that you are a scientist he was eager to meet you.” Zara narrated.

“Now let’s not waste time. May be you impress him and he appoints you as the royal scientist.” Zara was excited with the thought.

Sheele turned and took her in embrace. “Not today. May be tomorrow. I need to work today.”

“Ok”, Zara replied meekly.


Zara and Sheele waited in the Royal court of visitors. It was a huge room with impeccable architecture. The wait was over quite soon. The King entered the court and they bowed.

“So young man. You are Sheele.” The King welcomed the pair with open heart.

“Yes, he is my lover.” Zara boasted.

“You are smart and I envy you for that.”

“Amazing choice Zara.”

“Come young man. Let’s raise a toast.” Sheele moved towards the King. A warm light inclined at an angle, was seeping in from the roof.

As soon as he reached under that light, he vanished into the air. Zara’s Sheele was lost in the air.

“Sheeee…” Zara could not complete. She was choked.

“Scientist! He could not even stand my death rays. They are the simplest to tackle.” The King was laughing like a maniac. He was full of sarcasm and hatred.

Zara was still in shock. “Why did you do that?”

“So that there is no barrier between us.”

“What I decide is what I do. I hate stepping back. You are my ambition and now you will be my Queen. You don’t have any option.” He asked her to come near him. 

Slowly Zara retained herself. She was back to normal. Smiling at the King she said, “No you come closer to me.”

A constant smile was playing upon Zara’s face.

“As you wish my lady luck.” The king was dying to take Zara in his arms. He tried to grab her by his arms and was shocked. Zara was apparently not visible. She disappeared as soon as he tried to touch her. He maintained his calm and tried to do that again.

“Am I dreaming? This cannot be for real.”

“This is for real you moron! You cannot touch Zara without Sheele. Because Zara is a mere reflection of herself without Sheele’s soul.”

Zara was flowing in ripples and the King was trying to catch her like a lunatic.


...Tomorrow, the last part.


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Bikram said...

right i will visit tomorrow again to read the last part :)

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Zeashan Zaidi said...

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