Saturday, June 7, 2014

Life Away from Life : Part-3

A SciFi Thriller

“This lab will witness a new universe, which I am going to create. I will be the God of that new universe.”  Sheele started telling her about the project passionately. 

“What do you say? How it is possible?” Zara was perplexed.

“It is all for real Zara. Trust me. Scientists have proved that we are a part of multiverse. That means there are millions of universes like ours. They are like bubbles of boiling water. They form, expand, stretch and explode. It all starts with a ‘quantum fluctuations’; along with it emerge some laws of physics which pave a way for future events of the ‘new born’ universe. Many universes die just after their birth just like a water bubble; and some exist forever for years like ours. They even start giving birth to galaxies and lives. The universe stays and expands till it reaches a final level. Like our universe is expanding!”

“But how does that relate to your project?”

Sheele held his head high with pride cleared his throat and announced, “I have discovered the equation to create quantum fluctuations and control them in this lab. I can create my own universe. I will make my own laws of physics for my universe.”

Sheele was red with pride.

“I don’t believe this. You are great Sheele” Zara put a peck on his forehead. She was awestruck with Sheele’s intelligence. Suddenly she saw her phone ringing. It was her father, the Prime vizier.

“I need to see you soon Zara. It is very important” Zara took the message.

“I need to go Sheele. Will hear about your project detail soon.”

“Bye Zara. Keep this plan with you as a secret.”

“Have faith in me. It will never get out of me” Zara’s voice faded in distance.

Zara saw her father walking through the room. He was impatient. Seeing Zara entering the room he slowed down. Then immediately blurted, “He wants to marry you Zara.”

“All of us will live in peace with all we want. I don’t believe this is happening”, he was speaking without stopping for breath.

“Who?”,  Zara panicked.

“The King wants to marry you. He is mad after he saw you at the royal feast.”

“But he already has 200 queens.” Zara cried sarcastically.

“And he wants one more. How does that matter?” Zara’s father was lost in Prime of the country serving his King.

“You will be the Queen. The Royal family. What else do you need in life? Don’t you feel lucky enough? You will have the world at your feet.”

“But everything of this world cannot give me what I need.” Zara was choking.

“What do you want?” his father was going mad.

“I want love from life. I feel complete and perfect with Sheele. He is the most intelligent man on this planet.” Zara protested.

“He is just a beggar. No one wants to talk to him. Friendless, homeless, pennyless creature. How can you think of marrying him?” Zara’s father was fuming.

“You will never understand this. I will talk to the King myself.” Zara rushed out of the room before she could be stopped.


To Be Continued...

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Yogi Saraswat said...

zara ! she is thinking beyond the limit of this human created world . will wait for ur next post