Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life Away from Life : Part 5 (Last Part)

A SciFi Thriller

A huge disc shaped object was present on an unknown place. It was a space craft. Inside a man and a woman were fast asleep. Suddenly the lady woke. She peeped out.

“Sheele…Sheele get up. See we have reached somewhere.”

Sheele woke up to Zara’s voice.

“We are on another planet I guess” he joined Zara.

“When the King gets to know that we fled he’ll use all his power to get us. He’ll search for us in every nook and corner of this universe.” Zara was worried.

“I knew his intentions. That is why I asked you a day’s time before meeting him. I used my invention upon him. My virtual universe is all around him. There is a Sheele in that Universe whom he finished and a Zara whom he might still be trying to achieve.”

“So am I a trophy. You distributed me to the King!” Zara faked anger.

“You are a mere shadow there. He’ll not be able to even touch you.” Sheele said affectionately.

“And now He can’t find us. Because we are not in our universe now. We have travelled through wormhole in the multiverse. Now we are in some other universe, far away from our universe.”

“I never get you and your science.” Zara shrugged.

“Zara, actually our universe is lying on a fluid membrane; expanding continuously. And there are plenty of such membranes. All of them are connected to each other in some way although all of them are distinct from each other. However some factors like gravity can slip from one membrane to other. Sometimes wormholes are created or emerge. We separated from the same and it lasted for a second. Now we can never go back to our universe; neither anyone can enter in this universe from our universe now.”

Let’s check where we are.” He changed the scene of the screen. The receiver started catching signals of some news channel. The language was out of question to understand. Sheele pushed some buttons and the unknown language is translated into his language.

Anchor was speaking, “Welcome to morning news. Nearly at ten in the night, people at Ladakh saw an UFO in the sky which transmitted light. Seconds later it vanished. Whole world is amazed over this alien mystery. Although India suspects it to be an investigative strategy of the neighbors and army has been set on high alert.”

“It seems that this planet is years backward. Do we have to live amongst them?” Zara was puzzled, “Anyways, I can be with you forever anywhere away from that King and his Kingdom.”

Zara cuddled up in Sheele’s embrace.

They were ready for a new LIFE in a new ‘World’ away from their world.



Nima Das said...

What if this story of yours were to be real? Wow I too love si-fi!Good read.

Zeashan Zaidi said...

Thanks Nima Ji.