Friday, June 6, 2014

Life Away from Life : Part-2

320 was not a bizarre number in a planet where average age of the people was 500 years. Alter was a planet revolving around some star lying in a giant unknown galaxy.

Sheele and Zara were lost in each other thinking about life…their life….together.

“I think we should get married” Zara whispered, lost in her thoughts.

“You need to wait for a month. Just one month.” Sheele replied emphatically.

He also could not live without her.

“I don’t want to spend a day without you anymore” Zara almost was in tears like a baby.

Sheele hugged her and explained, “I am about to complete the project. This would establish me as the biggest scientist on this planet. And then I will be all yours.”

“What project? You have never told me about this one.”

“You have never asked me about this.” Sheele took her hands and motioned, “Come let’s have a trip to my work place.”

They sat in the car and with the blink of an eye they were flying at the speed of thousand km/hr.

They landed on a small island.

“Is this your workplace?” Zara was amazed, “This, a barren forgotten island.”

“Good, that it’s barren and forgotten sounds even better.” Sheele escorted.

Zara followed.

“I don’t like places full of people. You are the second person to visit this lab. One first being me.” Sheele pointed towards a building.

“You have built it all alone!” Zara’s anxiety levels were at no normal.

“No! I have worked with the help of intelligent machines.”

The building seemed to expand from inside and was nowhere near to an end. Big virtual screens illuminated the path and showed various things. Growing plants, supernova explosion and then turning to black hole, atoms, fusing electrons and a lot more. These were the only things Zara could identify.

“God save me. Is this a lab? It is all like a cinema hall!” Zara exclaimed.

“Yeah, kind of. These are not imaginary events.  All these things are happening in various parts of the universe…simultaneously. And these things have strong relationship with my project”

“Sheele you didn’t tell me about the project still.”

To Be Continued...

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