Thursday, June 5, 2014

Life Away from Life : Part-1

A SciFi Thriller
By : Zeashan Zaidi

She was looking resplendent; reflecting the maze of stars. Her eyes outshone their twinkles. Every sight was fell on her and froze. There were at least 500 people in the party who almost did not exist in her presence. Everything was vague. She indeed was a resplendent beauty.

While all the eyes cornered her, she was eager. Her eyes searched for someone every moment.

“Would the lady like to Dance?” a young charmer flaunted on his knees.

But her lips didn't curve an inch. She signaled a ‘no’ with her head.       

“So? She turned you down even!” Another man joined the former.

“She is full of herself. Too proud of her beauty.” Former tried to save his reputation.

“Well this! She is Zara and she is the daughter of the King’s prime vizier.”

“Ohh! Then I really don’t deserve her” Man shrugged and moved towards another girl.

At that moment, suddenly her eyes brightened with happiness. A handsome young was entering.

“What took you so long Sheele? I was dying to meet you” Zara almost rushed towards him.

“I am so sorry Zara. I had to buy something for the King. A birthday party without a birthday gift would have been a worn out though.” Sheele tried to chuckle her.

“And where’s mine?” Zara tried to fake the anger.

“What?” Sheele was amused.

“My gift you jerk” Zara faked perfectly.

“Your birthday is a month away. You’ll just get what you need at the right time.” Sheele winked.

“but wha…”

“Nobles and countrymen” Zara was interrupted by a heavy voice.

“Let’s hear it for the King.”

“Long live the king. He is the Almighty” crowd cheered and hailed.

The Prime vizier then came on the stage to praise the King and the cheers fainted.

“Countrymen…it indeed is a great day. It is the day when the greatest of the warriors was born. May he live long. Cheers. Enjoy.” And with that note from the Prime vizier a loud music filled the air.

People started tapping their feet.

“How old did the King turn?” Zara asked matching up to the rhythm.

“320 years.” Sheele shouted in her ears


To Be Continued...


B said...

320 years wowo thats a long long timeeeeeeeeee..

looking forward to part 2


Vinodini Iyer said...
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Vinodini Iyer said...

nteresting! Was he actually a human or a spirit to have lived so long? Looking forward to the second part of this story :)