Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Across the Heights : Part-4 (Last Part)

“These are just flies, why are you so nervous seeing them?”

“Tanya, these are not flies. One of them is our emperor.”

“A fly is your emperor!” Tanya started laughing.

That moment both the flies started changing their shape. In few moments their body turned as huge as an elephant.” Tanya saw that one of the flies was staring at that creature angrily.

“So this is what you have been doing hiding from everybody else. You have broken the rule of our world. What punishment should be given to you?” That fly was talking in human’s language.

“P…Please forgive me lord! It’s my mistake.”

“This is not a mistake; it’s an offense, very big offense. You have not only created relation with a woman of a different world but you have revealed secrets of our world too. Do you know the punishment for this! Death and only death.” Said one of the fly and pointed towards the other fly. The other fly stepped forward and captured him. That creature was begging for apology from his emperor but the other fly swallowed him in a go.

The emperor now turned towards Tanya.

“You do not belong to our world because of which we cannot punish you. But the child in your womb cannot survive.” The fly was holding a kind of tool from which a spark came out and hit Tanya in her belly. Tanya felt as if someone has stuffed her stomach with burning coal.

Tanya was sitting with Rohit in the corner of a park.

“Why have you brought me here Rohit?” Tanya asked Rohit who was sitting quietly since long.

“Tanya! I want to say something to you. “Said Rohit bowing his head down.

“Anything important?”

“Yes…. Tanya. Actually the child in your womb is mine.”

“Rohit, I am actually worried regarding my dream and now you are kidding with me.”
“This is not a joke Tanya.” Rohit looked totally serious, “I wanted to tell you about it since very long but was unable to because I did not have that much strength.”

“But how is this possible?”

“Tanya I want to tell you everything today and lighten my heart. This happened exactly the day before we went to the art museum. When you had come to my place and were complaining about your headache. That time I had mixed up sleeping pills in your tea and made you sleep. It was a devilish intention which conquered my brain and I did all that with you which I should not have done.”

“Oh!” Tanya took a deep breath.

“Even after all this I’m still amazed. Because in a recent medical test I had come to know that i cannot become a father. Then how come you are pregnant?”

“Because, it’s not your child Rohit.” Tanya said calmly.

“If it’s not mine then whose is it?”

“This is what my dreams are explaining.”

“Your dreams are totally crap. The child is mine only.”

“Not at all Rohit. You yourself accepted that you don’t have the ability to be a father. This means its not your child.”

“Maybe you want to punish me for what I did by disagreeing to it. It’s ok! As you wish.”
Rohit started leaving from there filled with regrets. Tanya did not even try to stop him.
Few days later Tanya gave birth to a child. But the child was born dead.


This story was published first time in April 2008 in the famous Hindi magazine 'Vigyan Pragati'


B said...

the stroy has pregressed very nicely , I sat and read all four parts ..

interesting story ..


Zeashan Zaidi said...

Thanks Bikram!

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