Monday, May 26, 2014

Across the Heights : Part-3

A kind of chaos was created in Tanya’s group.

“Pregnant before getting married! I never expected that Tanya would be like this.” Rizwan said. At the same time he had covered up his ears with his hands.

“Tanya is pious just like any monk. You cannot even think about her this way.” Rohit said to Rizwan angrily.

“OK. Don’t fight.” Saba came in between and made them quite, “She might have met with an accident.”

“I & Tanya are very close friends. She never hides anything from me. If something would have happened with her she would have told me about it.”

“Then there can be only two things possible. Either the doctor’s report is wrong or a miracle has taken place.” Rizwan said.

“Talking about miracle in today’s world of science and technology is unjustified.” Saba said.

This way the argument ended up without result.

“The child in your womb is mine.” Tanya heard that manly creature saying it one more time.

“How can I believe that a dream is governing my real life.” Tanya knew it in her dream also that she is dreaming.

“You will have to believe it. If not now, when you give birth to the child then you’ll believe.”

“Who the hell are you & why are you troubling me this way?”

“Troubling you? Is It? I love you. I don’t want to give you even a slight of pain. This is why I have decided that I will take care of the kid. I will not let you face any kind of problem.”

“How will you take care of him? You are always in my dreams.” Tanya gazed at him with a dismissive look.

“Yes. It’s my big helplessness that I can’t meet you in the real world.” He said in a sad tone.

“What kind of Helplessness?”

“The difference between the dimensions between us doesn't allow me to enter in your world.”

“What do you mean?” Tanya asked shockingly.

“This world is made up of seven dimensions. Amongst which people know about the four of them which are length, breath, height and time.”

“Yes, I have learnt about these four dimensions very well in my graduation.” Tanya agreed to him.

“In reality every living being exists in between these four dimensions and feel their existence. If any of the dimensions is removed then there existence will vanish.”

“That is true. But why are you telling me about all this.”

“I just want to tell you that our existence does not exist in between the dimensions in which you live.”

“Then where is it?”

“It exists in the remaining three dimensions. This is the reason why I cannot meet you in reality.”

“If you cannot meet me in reality then how can you become the father of the child who is getting nourished in my womb? As he is going to be a normal human being living in these four dimensions.”

That manly creature took a deep breath & started explaining, “Tanya! If an existence is created by two different dimensional groups, then he is going to belong to the lesser dominant dimension group. According to this rule of mathematics this child is going to enter into my world. This was the reason why I had told you once that I am going to take care of this child.”

Tanya started wondering something, and then said,” What an irony it is. Even after being a mother I won’t be able to touch my own child. You have put me into such a strange difficulty.”

“I have done all this for the sake of my heart. Otherwise in my world it is not permitted to even contact a person from a different dimensional group. I was standing near you while you were looking at that picture in the art museum and my heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw you. And I appeared in front of you taking the form of that picture.”

“What do you mean? Is this not your actual form?” Tanya asked shockingly.

“In our world nobody has a definite shape. We can take any form and shape to appear in front of anybody.”

Suddenly that creature started shivering as soon as he saw something. His face had turned pale due to astonishment.

“What Happened?” Tanya asked him noticing his condition.
He pointed her in a direction. Tanya saw two house flies were sticking on a leaf of a plant. 

To Be Continued...(Tomorrow the Last Part)

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