Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What was Unexplained in ‘Electric Rioters’ ?

Mr. Swapnil Bhartiya, a reviewer and chief editor of Sci-Fi online magazine kalkion.com raised some questions on my story ‘Electric Rioters’

Hi Zeashan!
As I said earlier good story, that too when delivered on Demand model. I found certain points unexplained.

1. As Reema ji said, a scientist has a completely different mindset. He/she is not a planner/schemer -- rather sometimes he/she may not even know what to do with his creation. Its the corporation, which tries to find a purpose of that creation. It would be better if an evil corporate with whatso ever purpose deploy a scientist to achieve something.
2. There was no apparent reason for which he would want to destroy people. What would he achieve?
3. Setting up such a huge factory would need state-of-the- art infrastructure, talent, man-power, land acquising, transporation of equipment, import/production of such equipments, and then HUGE funding. The movement itself will raise suspicion among authorities. So, as per logic this is not feasible.
4. Why only dead Tribals? If you shoot in leg, then also you can capture someone?
5. Why machine gun? Why would he need a machine gun? He did not need any defense? Also if he did then a pistol will do?
6. It was even better to kill them through electric man instead of a gun?
These are some points :-)

It was fun reading it, otherwise.

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