Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Electric Rioters : Part-5 (Last Part)

There seems a long tunnel and both entered the tunnel. When they crossed the tunnel they were bewildered. There was a big laboratory with huge machines.
“Welcome to my world!”


Yashwant was not believing what he saw.

“Yes, Dr. Shashikant. And she is no goddess. She is my wife.”

“So it is you behind all this massacre. You killed so many people.”

“We created some special machines. They could change anything in the DNA. Even electric men. Slowly we started making an army of electric men. Devi concept also was a superhit idea when some company got contracts for mining. This would have hindered our plan.”

“I want to create an electric army and rule the world.  Everyone would be my slave.”

“Now you get ready to die. I don’t have enough time.”

Two electric men approached the two men. Yashwant and Kaudia were completely trapped.

Suddenly Yashwant opened his shirt and threw towards the light source. Within seconds they were on the other side.

Yashwant and Kaudia were going for dinner. The cause wanted a celebration.
Next day they were in the office. “Late night there was a huge explosion in the valley but nothing was found.” Said the headlines.

“We were lucky there was a lake beside and all chemicals have flown through it.”

“What about that lady?”

Yashwant was quiet.

“Time was less. I had to leave her. Both had to die.”

“I get that. That is why you sent me out?”

“I didn’t have an option.
Moreover I guess that this electric man and mutation mutiny story should continue so that people are afraid of it. It’s the best way to preserve and take care of this tribe." 
Both shared the paper and started reading the story.
‘Electric Rioters’ read the header.


Sci Fi Story by : Zeashan Zaidi
First time published in Electroniki Appke liye (Hindi) in May-2010 

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