Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Electric Rioters : Part-4

“Sir, we have solved the case. Company has stopped all the work. Then why are we still wandering in the forests?” Kaudia asked.

“Because the chain has some missing links.”

“Remember the Head said people go at a secluded place and gain powers. And then they come back and behave like lunatics. No mutation takes place that fast.”

“We will search for that place where all go.”

They kept on moving and suddenly took a relaxed breath.

There it was. Devi Dhrani’s temple. They stepped in.

“Bless me goddess.” Kaudia bowed.

While Yashwant started scrutinizing every nook and corner. There must be some hint and he was desperate to find that. And there he was. A little curve appeared under those moustaches. And the dark brown eyes were glittering with a victorious spin. It was there….just behind the idol.

He grabbed Kaudia by his hand and then both entered that small door. As he expected the door led to a small passage which finally opened towards a huge ground. It was surrounded by hills all over. At the end was what he wanted to see.

Goddess herself. Devi Dharni. Seated firmly on a throne. Many Kondha men were in yogas action. Performing daily prayers. Devi spotted the two new guests to her kingdom. She signaled them to keep quiet and then asked to follow her. She went towards another door.

“I didn’t want my disciples to be disturbed.”

“Who are you?” Yashwant was stubborn in his voice.”

“Just what you wanted. Devi Dharni.” Her voice was as soothing as her beauty.

“Listen I belong to the intellectual clan and I really don’t believe this shit of yours.”

“And your intelligent clan believes in superficial things but not real!”

“I just want to know the truth. Who are you?”

“I am the powerful goddess of this tribe.”

“What is that huge bunch of people doing?”

“They are concentrating to gain power. After that whoever they’ll touch, will die.”

“What is the point of such powers when people have to die?”

“But those people were a threat to their lives. Outsiders are making danger for these people.” She kept arguing.

“We have proof. This is all because of mutation. And that mutation is because of a DNA defect.”

“Power can be in any form. You may think I give them that power to change the DNAs. And now you get ready to die.” The lady took out a small pistol.

“I don’t think that spilling of these beans is beneficial for me.” She hit the trigger and Yashwant hit hard the stone he was adjusting on his foot since long. The shot went into air. There was no sound. He took the lady in his trap. He made the lady unconscious.

To Be Continued...

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