Monday, April 14, 2014

Electric Rioters : Part-3

SciFi / Crime Fiction
by : Zeashan Zaidi

Sub inspector Kaudia was chosen by Yashwant to help him with the local dialect. Kaudia belonged to the same tribe.

“Sir, don’t think any such living god exists. We always used to worship the idol.”

Yashwant and Kaudia were talking about the tribe. They reached a tribal village. It was early morning. Women were busy with household and men were preparing to leave. Children ran behind the two strangers.

“We need to meet your head.” Kaudia asked one in local language.

The man signaled towards a distance. Soon they saw another man coming from the direction he pointed.

“I am the head.”

“Where does your goddess appear?” Kaudia was blatant.

There was a silence.

The man turned and walked away.

“We don’t tell that to anyone.”

Both of them followed.

“But it’s important.”
“No. She will be mad at us.”

“Has she transferred powers to any of you?” Yashwant smartly changed the question.

“Two.” the head of the tribe cut him short.

“Where are they?” Yashwant continued.

“They have joined Devi’s army.”

“Army?” the two were shocked. They didn’t know what they will get would be this big.

The head told all. How people are transferred powers by the goddess. How they live in a secluded place. How they go and fight.

“She is a wicked soul. Playing upon innocent minds.” Yashwant and Kaudia discussed.

“Go away. No one insults her.” The man said. Soon there was a mob around them and both though it would be sane to leave.

Yashwant reached the bureau. Commissioner had called him soon.

“We need to go to Dr. Shashikant’s lab” He was told.

“His cell sample has disclosed startling facts.” Dr. Shashikant began.

Dr. Shashikant was a molecular scientist. When he came to know that Police department is searching for one he grabbed the opportunity. The subject appealed him a lot. Cell Studies.

“The whole theory is related to mutation.” He started the projector and displayed some slides.

“See this is the suspect’s cell.” He zoomed the image. “Have a close look at his mitochondria. This is the power plant of a cell. It produces ATP, which provides chemical energy. And in turn an electron chain is formed. All this is controlled by DNA.”
And this DNA is the major cause of all problems. His DNA is affected and thus ATP are not formed. The chain discontinues and electrons are free and come out of the cell. The cycle continues and electrons accumulate creating an electric field. And the person becomes the greatest source of electricity.”

“Hell no! But how did the DNA change?” Yashwant was curious.

“May be due to mutation and the mutation may have been because of the pollution.”

“I will explain.” Doctor continued. “The tribe has been living in clean atmosphere of the forests. But with their clearing and making of roads their lifestyle has been disturbed. Factories are being laid, roads are being laid, ore is being extracted, which is affecting their bodies.”

“But why do they attack?” Commissioner was trying to patch the links.

“The current running through their bodies affects on their brain and they are developing a violence against all.”

“And the Devi thing?”

“Since they are very religious so in the state of madness a world is created of their own due to the dominant pressure inside the body.”

“Is there a solution?”

“All the work in the area should be stopped. They should be given their environment back.”

“I need to convey that to Ministry and government.” Commissioner picked up his phone.

To Be Continued...

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