Sunday, April 13, 2014

Electric Rioters : Part-2

SciFi/Crime Fiction
by : Zeashan Zaidi

Inspector Yashwant had solved many peculiar mysteries and suspense. He was a sharp vulture. He always knew when and where to hit.

“Do we have any clues? Any suspects?” he inquired.

“None alive. Some have been shot dead by the police.” Commissioner informed.

“So what did the reports suggest? Did their body elements had anything widely related to power or electricity?”

“postmortems do not suggest any such thing.”

“Then I think only those rebels can crack this out. I’ll have to spend a night in the disturbed area.” Yashwant declared.

“You just inform how much force you need. It will be arranged” Commissioner shook hands.

“Thank you. For now, I will work alone on the case.”

He waited for hours in the shrubs. Just one Kondhas man whom he wanted to trap alive.

Soon he saw him. The tribe was easy to reckon. They had over swelled mouth. Like a guerilla. But the real problem for the Inspector is, he was not sure if the man was a rebel. He decided to play on risk. He called the man from the back. And the bonsai was hit. The man was furious seeing an urbane. He ran towards Yashwant.

His hands were about to grab him when Yashwant pressed the trigger.


The person dropped on the ground. Actually pistol was a drug dose. The man was unconscious. Yashwant went near him but as soon as he touched him, he suffered a big electric shock.

The tribal seemed to be a live current wire. How is that possible? Current is running through his body. Is he for real? 

Yashwant stared into the darkness.

“We need an able scientist. We need to solve this current mystery.” Yashwant told the Commissioner.

The man was locked in a separate barrack. Immense measures and precautions had to be taken to bring him there.

“I get that.” Commissioner agreed.

“Make sure he has a background from molecular biology. We need to study every cell of this suspect.”

They went near the barrack. They were informed that the man is back to senses.

Just as he saw Yashwant he went violent. He started screaming something.
“What does he say?” Yashwant was curious.

“He asks to leave him else he’ll kill all.” Commissioner knowing the local dialects translated.

“Ask him the reason for doing this”

Yashwant saw Commissioner screaming. And the man returned the favor with same intensity.

“He says Dharni Goddess has commanded them to do so. They worship her. She is the local deity.” Commissioner provided the information.

“I see. This is some superstitious spoof. Ask him where does the goddess appear?”

Commissioner did as said and next was his amused expression.

“I don’t believe this. He says that the goddess appears in the temple and gives her powers to them. Then after whoever they touch, dies .”

“This is more interesting than I thought. I need to get that power. While the scientists are busy examining him let me stroll a while in the forests.”

“But it’s not safe”

“This profession is never safe.”


To Be Continued...

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