Friday, April 11, 2014

Electric Rioters : Part-1

SciFi/Crime Fiction
by Zeashan Zaidi

Breaking…flash…special bulletins….guest panels and what not. All the channels were making the most of it with all the program types they could. TRP’s were roaring and people were glued to the TV screens.

“They look so ugly!”
“Oh god. Are the demons back!”

All sort of one liners pooled social websites.

The news was all the way from Odisha. A riot broke at the place with most unusual circumstances and consequences. An unusual riot. The peaceful tribe of Kondhas had broken into a rebellious upsurge. They were at peace generally; living into their zone. They never complained nor were they interrupted.  

But this was never the reason for making it on the screen. Reason behind this news was the style of the attack. The tribes grabbed anyone they found and the person was twisted hard like an eggshell. As if subjected to a strong electric field; and the victim was finally dead within seconds.

Everyone was deputed to get hold of the culprits. Police force, PAC, CRPF all were trying hard to take the situation under their control. But all these attacks were schematic. It was much like guerrilla wars. The tribes came into bunches, attacked the urban groups and vanished swiftly into the dark jungles.

“Media, ministry, public, officials we are the latest joke series everywhere. We have been defamed enough. Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? You have been provided all you need. Still what we get is a miserably failed team.” Police Commissioner was fuming at the officers in the meeting.

“Why don’t you get hold of them?”

“Let’s finish the bloody tribe. Let’s encounter them.” A senior officer suggested with ease.

“There’s a bunch of them behind this mutiny not the whole tribe.” Commissioner blasted with a cold look.

“C’mn men…you all have given me so many reasons to be proud of the Odisha Police. Don’t let it all ruin. Use your brain and think.” Commissioner encouraged them to think deeper and harder.

Chrrrrr….there was an irritating rustle.

“What the hell are you trying to do Inspector Prakash!”

“Sir, you ordered to use brains. This is my brain tonic.” He smiled with his black teeth with tobacco powder in his hand.

“Let’s create a wall cover around the forest.” Prakash’s brain tonic suggested.

Commissioner just gulped his anger. People like Prakash come from the cabinet discussions and pleadings along with a heavy suitcase of whatever you want.

A policeman just entered the room with a visiting card and kept it on the table.

Inspector YASHWANT
ATS, Mumbai

The card read in bolds.

“I think this would be all. I need to meet and plan further with ATS as for now you people seem good for nothing.”

“Disperse”, he ordered. 
Everyone left the room with hung heads.

To be continued...

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