Monday, March 31, 2014

Virtual Evidence : Part 8 (Last)

A SciFi/Crime Fiction
by Zeashan Zaidi

This time Inspector Rafael and Morrison were on a long journey in their car.

“We have arrested the chairman and submitted the file to high command. But why are we not disclosing such a big news to the press?” questioned Morrison.

“High command hasn't permitted us yet. They will investigate this case at their own level and then disclose it to the world.”

“But where are we going now?”

“I’m going to investigate one more case.”

“What kind of investigation?”

“Vaishali’s dream’s investigation.”

Even though Morrison did not understand what Rafael was trying to say but still he stayed quite this time.

“We are going to pearl physics lab to meet Professor Howard. To understand if there is a scientific way of turning dreams into reality.”Answered Rafael himself seeing Morrison quite.

Morrison had heard about Prof. Howard very well. Because he was a renowned physicist.

“That may be possible.” Professor Howard explained,
“Dreams often turn true. Abraham Lincoln saw his murder in a dream. There is a physics theory behind this. Although science doesn’t but I do agree with this one. “

“Which theory?” Rafael asked.

“This theory is somewhat similar to ‘Virtual Particle’ theory. There is a term called Casimir effect’.. its just been developed in the Quantum physics. It says that the real particles first exist virtually. These virtual images are already present in the universe with probabilities. Vacuum fluctuations make these particles appear for real. The events related to these particles also go through the same process. Before striking the real particle, the event strikes the virtual world and happens virtually.

In other words whatever happens in the real world has for sure happened in the virtual world. And many times these events are seen by the person in dream who is made up of those particles. Actually, a dream is a connecting medium between the real world and the virtual world. And if we are able to understand that connecting medium properly, we will be able to predict the future accurately. The same thing happened with Ashok and his wife.” Professor Howard completed.

“Thank you professor. You cleared a major doubt” said Rafael.

Rafael and Morrison left. Rafael was about to start the car when the phone rang. He took the call and disconnected it after a few seconds.

He was smiling.

“Who was it?” Morrison asked impatiently.

“High command asked to leave the file as unsolved” he told Morrison.

“Why?” he shrugged.

“The blame goes to that big power. It funds us.”

“What about that murderer? He will never keep mum for sure.”

“He is finished. Bitten by Mamba, most poisonous African snake.”

“It’s fine I guess. Who would explain the virtual evidence on the basis of which we arrested him!” Morrison winked.

“So unsolved it is. We just had a virtual evidence.” Rafael started the ignition.

--The End--

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