Sunday, March 30, 2014

Virtual Evidence : Part-7

A SciFi/Crime Fiction
by Zeashan Zaidi

Inspector Rafael and Morrison were present at GloTecht Office. They did not bother about the reception and directly entered the Chairman’s room. The chairman obviously welcomed the unwanted guests with a cold look.

“How can I help the gentlemen?” he managed to maintain the ice look.

“Help yourself brother. You are under arrest” Inspector Rafael unveiled the suspense.

“What for?”

“We book you under acts of planning and plotting for murder. You murdered Mr. Ashok” Rafael declared.

“Why would I do that? He was the best. My confidante. I trusted on him with any deadline and where are the proofs?’’ Chairman completely rubbished Rafael’s statement.

“You really want that”, Morrison assured with an equally matching ease.

“We have booked the bookie you hired for this serene cause” Rafael elaborated.

“What bookie? What cause? What the hell are you talking about”, chairman maintained the poise.

Morrison lost it on the Chairman. He grabbed him by the collar. “The Sudani you hired to kill him. You bloody murderer. Stop playing the cards. We have the trump you moron. The Uranium. We know every nook and corner of your plan.”

“Do you admit it?” Rafael intrigued.

“Else we have methods”, Morrison stared with an ice look.

“He needed to die.” Chairman collapsed like a sand castle.
“He knew about the Uranium and he wanted to spill the beans. But he was no saint. He was getting a big amount for that.” Chairman continued. Morrison and Rafael adjusted on the chairs in front and the Chairman did the narratives.

“Although this city is being planned in a country. But the finances are shouldered by a friend country, which is a big power. But the real purpose behind all this friendly help is Uranium and the country does not know about it.
The selected place has vast uranium reserves. Plan was to create secret passages for transferring uranium to this country underneath this ambitious project. The country which is a host to this new city plan will never get to know this. Very thing was planned.”

“But why this fuss? Why did not that nation tell the country about this? They could have cracked a deal?” Rafael was curious.

“May be the country would have bid high or cracked the deal with some other country. While this ‘friend’ country was getting it for free.” Chairman elaborated.

There is one more point. He continued, “Most of the uranium reserve comes under Algerian territory which is not cordial with that friend nation. If the uranium secret would have been spilled then things would not have been in favour of that nation, while after making the city that reserve will also come under ‘friend’ nation through secret tunnels.”

“Hmm…Ashok knew about the uranium and he made a deal with Doculeaks!” Morrison tried to weave the patches.

“He almost prepared a file for that but we replaced it with Algerian animosity and their role in Ashok’s murder.”

“I still can’t figure how you cracked it.” The man did it so perfectly. There wasn’t a single evidence.” Chairman took a deep breath.

“Well, every crime has a loophole. Even if the crime is initiated by a big power. Because all the big powers fail under the ‘superpower.’” Rafael looked up. The chairman was poised and calm again as if nothing happened.

To Be Continued...

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