Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Existence of Continuous Particles.

As we know, we all and this world are made up of two fundamental particles Fermions and Bosons.

Fermions form matter. Its examples are electrons, protons etc. Similarly those particles which create forces are known as Bosons. They are not matter particles and include particles like photons and gluons.

And all these particles are discrete; so we can study these particles through quantum physics.

Now a question arises. Does any particle exist; which is continuous in nature? Means a particle which does not has individual existence but it is real within a certain period; same as in mathematics, a single point is just an abstract concept but the continuous group of points makes real object.

A time particle may be an example of such type of particles. A time-particle alone has no existence but within a certain period its existence detects.

But there is a problem if such particles exist. We can experimentally verify a thing which is discrete and split-able in nature. We see an element in lab because it is made up of atoms and some atoms can be collected in lab. But if element was not made up of discrete atoms, we could never detect it into any lab. Therefore any lab and experiment capable only for seeing discrete things couldn't see continuous particles.

---Zeashan Zaidi    

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