Friday, March 28, 2014

Virtual Evidence : Part-5

by : Zeashan Zaidi

GloTecht was not just a company. It was an international label and thus was the case. Investigation Bureau of that country was soon responsible for carrying out all the possible investigations.

Inspector Rafael, a Portuguese origin was the chief investigation officer, who, along with his team, scrutinized the murder place. He did not get any evidences initially.

With further inquiries he came to know that the multi-million project was actually owned by a developed country, who was taking care of the finances being a ‘friendly’ country.

“May be this is a big spoof. Someone wants to stop this ambitious project”, Mr. Rafael spoke in his thoughts.

“Why would someone do that when the country has invested in the project with another nation’s consent? And we should not forget that the finances are being borne by that ‘friend’ country itself.” A member countered.

“In this project, some neighbour countries are involved too. For example, the water pipelines from the sea. It originates in their territory.” Another member tried detailing.

Rafael’s eyes beamed as if he found a crack in the perfectly cemented story.
“So there is no denying that this possibly could be a not so friendly spoof of a so friendly nation. The might never have wanted this to happen.”

“Or it might be a simple pinned murder ‘coz of animosity.” Morrison entered the room.

“Animosity? How did a 17 hour working project manager, Indian to be precise, gets time to make enemies, not friends in a deserted island, enlighten My lord.” Rafael questioned Morrison.

“Well, the fellow Indian had a rift with an Algerian worker.”

Morrison started the narration of the gas incident, the rebellious attitude of the worker and his refusal to leave the place without his mates, Ashok’s warning and dismissal of all pleas, death of 18 workers and finally Ashok’s brutal killing.

“Albama….an Algerian National. We need to find him.” Morrison threw the photo on the table.

Soon the Algerian worker was in custody. Interrogations started. Alabama refused any sort of hard feelings for Ashok. Although later he admitted about the fight incident but swore to his local God that it finished then and there.

MULTINATIONAL RIFTS AND SPOOFS… Some big stories being cooked behind the curtains. Rafael was on his way to office, when he read the headlines. He continued reading the story followed by Doculeaks, a famous investigative website.

‘The murder was told to be a spoof which created a perfect plot for a big nation, friendly with Algeria and does not want any such developed city in neighbouring countries.’

5th floor, Rafael instructed the lift man still lost in his thoughts.

“What would any country get by killing Ashok? Such an ambitious project does not depend on project managers. There should be some link.” He was struggling with the patches.

What drew his attention was a woman sitting in his office. 

To Be Continued...

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