Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Virtual Evidence : Part 2

Sci Fi Story
by : Zeashan Zaidi

Ashok adjusted himself comfortably on the chair, when office boy knocked, less on the door, more at his thoughts about the nightmare he and Vaishali saw together in their respective dreams.

“Sir, Mr. Chairman wants to see you in the conference room.”

“What for?” he inquired with a settled irritated look.

“I saw him proceeding with other officers in the conference. Some urgent call I guess”, the peon replied gathering all the inputs he had since morning.

Ashok checked on his tie knot in the door reflection and pushed. Who’s who or GloTecht was present in the conference hall and it did not take him more than a few seconds to realize that peon was indeed right. An urgent call it is.

Chairman was stuck at some point on the globe placed before him and he did not break his stare game with the globe to welcome Ashok with warm looks like any usual day.

“Welcome Mr. Ashok.” he merely announced Ashok’s presence with words. Ashok sat opposite and waited.

“We have this huge yet crucial construction project Mr. Ashok and you need to work on the design and map.”

Ashok nodded with a yes, waiting for the chairman to elaborate.

With his eyes still stuck on a specific area of the globe, Chairman continued, “Actually you have to plan a whole city. A City which does not exist yet. A city which would be made by GloTecht International.”

And with this declaration the two eyes opposite to each other.
Chairman’s eyes had the conviction and trust over his employees while Ashok’s eyes gleamed with confidence and proud over this opportunity.

“And where is our new city”, Ashok managed to control the adrenaline rush over the excitement.

Chairman swiftly rotated the globe to the other side to disclose what he was stuck upon.

Sahara desert.” he announced a brief yet confident announcement.

“It is absolutely impossible.” Chief Engineer blurted out.

“It is what Mr. Mehra?” Chairman settled his eyes on Ashok while he talked to the Chief Engineer. “GloTecht never heard of that word you just said.” He confidently kept looking at Ashok and smiled.

Ashok felt he had some packets of energy restored into him with that confident smile his boss had.

Not breaking the eye contact Ashok interrupted him with conviction, “I guess we will meet after three days, when we have a design plan to discuss.”
Ashok smiled back.

“Good luck then, three days it is.” Chairman nodded at Ashok like a proud employer and left the conference hall.

Life was no better for Ashok with fame, name and reputation. And with this project he would nail it in the industry.

“I don’t think you should take that.” Vaishali argued for the fifth time. They have been discussing Ashok’s project since tea and the argument continued over another tea till it was time for the dinner.

“Don’t you see similarities with the nightmare we went through yesterday? It all fits the blocks perfectly. First we see an African…harming you in the dream and now you get a project all the way from the same place.” Vaishali continued in panic.

Ashok was affectionately looking at her. He fell for her again for the billionth time. She still could not say the African murdered him, actually slaughtered him brutally. But all Vaishali could say that he harmed him.

“Ok, but what will I tell them that I can’t take the project because my wife and I apparently had the same dream last night? Sounds okayish. I guess he will understand.” Ashok picked up the cellphone and pretended to dial controlling his laughter.

“Arey. NO. Vaishali grabbed the cellphone. This sounds so orthodox. What will they think of us? You take the project. I will call the priests and do some chants” Vaishali declared.


To Be Continued...

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