Monday, March 24, 2014

Virtual Evidence : Part-1

Sci Fi Story
by : Zeashan Zaidi 

20…18…14 …he tried to settle the AC temperature, room was already snow cold…but he continued to sweat profusely….twice he tried to wipe it off his forehead. It took him a few seconds to realize that the shirt sleeve he was using to get rid off the sweat was damp enough to do the needful.

He needed a glass to pour down his throat, now that he was feeling thirsty; he was numb enough to feel anything in the 14 degree Celsius room temperature. But, he needed a glass to ease his chocked throat. Eyes wide open, he approached the refrigerator.

Three gulps and he drank the whole bottle down his throat. He caught hold off himself and switched on the rewind mode. He dreamt something unusual and scary. May be a nightmare, weird yet terrible one. He was trying to clear the blurred images of the dream.

“Are you alright? I have been waiting since half an hour.” On hearing wife’s voice, he took a deep breath and nodded a weak smile, “Nothing, let’s go.” 

“I just had a nightmare, Ashok.” 

He froze while adjusting the pillow. It seemed like he knew what she would be told next.

“I saw someone brutally slaughtering you with a knife”, Vaishali, his wife continued to speak in the same hushed up tone as if she did not want the idea to leak...not even to the walls.

Not believing on what he heard, Ashok startled, “How is that bloody possible? We cannot see the same thing at the same time. That is freaking scary.”
Ashok was as pale as an autumn leaf…just about to be crushed. Vaishali also did not want to react, and she chose the same.  

“How did he look like?” Ashok was losing it badly.

“Just like a big black python, a giant in fact. He seemed African; he was too dark to be recognizable even.”  Vaishali drew the sketch swiftly with all the right words she could.  

Ashok stared into the absolute, “Absolute similarity. It is just too unreal to be real. I saw the same.”

Both of them were shivering with what they figured moments ago.

Ashok was the Chief Architect at GloTecht, a construction company. He found a soulmate in Vaishali and exchanged vows to be with her forever. Although he paid heavily for that as the families resisted the alliance and he moved forward towards a new life with Vaishali. She proved to be worthy of the priority and trust Ashok rested upon her because she definitely was a wonderful wife.

To Be Continued..... 

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