Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Virtual Evidence : Part-3

SciFi Story
by : Zeashan Zaidi

Only Ashok knew how bad these three days have been for him. He wanted the clock to stop till he completed the drafts. Charts, stats, graphs, labels, blue prints everything was in order. 

Ashok eagerly waited for everyone to reach the conference hall. He wanted to make a grand entry at the venue with his grand project plan. This was his moment indeed.

“GloTecht International….where we just do not build….we  construct.”, Ashok began with a poised tone. He did not know how many pairs of eyes were stuck at him…but one thing for which he was sure was; this plan would definitely work. A massive structure glitched on the big screen in front of the projector.

“For establishment of a new city in a desert the most essential need is the water. So first we plan about water supply and storage.” he continued.

“Being a vast desert, the place has two sources for water supply; one is the river Nile and the other one is the sea which seems to be an apt choice, owing to the requirements.”

It was dark and he was not sure if the chairman agreed to his points. 

Fighting the interruption of thoughts, he proceeded, “We would lay a pipeline from the sea to a nearby plant converting the saline water into fresh water. A storage pond would be responsible for keeping that water.“

“What is the need of pond? We can supply direct to homes through pipelines.” someone queried more out of animosity than curiosity.

“For a living city the establishment of a good ecosystem is required and that needs a big pond.”

“And what about the temperature? The high temperature of that place will convert water into steam in minutes.” this problem was raised by the chairman.

Ashok loved to argue sensibly and he hit back confidently, “In that case, we have the finest team of engineers at GloTecht who will made big umbrella like structures with adjacent solar panels. These structures will reduce the atmospheric temperature.”

The hall echoed with claps as Ashok thanked everyone and for the first time he noticed the chairman. Ashok was satisfied with that proud look on the Chairman’s face.

Ashok nodded to greet him and he almost rushed towards him to congratulate.

“Mr. Ashok, start working on this project as soon as you can. Let me sign off all the formalities. I don’t want to delay this wonderful project anymore.”

“Sir, which country has invested on this project”, Ashok asked out of curiosity.

‘Well, I am sorry I can’t disclose that. Security reasons you see. But you’ll get to know once this city starts to breath. I hope you understand gentleman.”

“I certainly do, Sir”, Ashok replied meekly.


To Be Continued...

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