Saturday, March 22, 2014

We do not exist.

Just for fun.

I am trying to prove our non existence.
1. We are matter.
2. Matter exists in the space.
3. Space is the set of locations that are marked by points.
4. Point is dimensionless and so the locations.
5. So the set of locations i.e. space is also dimensionless.
6. But matter does not exist without dimensions.
7. So we do not exist.



Arthur said...

Your premise (number 4) that a point is dimensionless therefore locations are also dimensionless is flawed. A point cannot exist without a set of dimensions defining its location. You'd be better off contemplating the nature of matter. Think about it. It's the only thing that we humans will never be able to comprehend. We can divide it, and name its parts, but what it is made of will forever be obscured. This is a major clue to the nature of our existence.

Zeashan Zaidi said...

Thanks Arthur for your good comment.