Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is soul a special form of energy?

This is an interesting question for sci-fi writers as well. One of my friends scientist Dr. Chandra Mohan Nautiyal views on this topic :

Concept often Soul is not supposed to be material.  So it can't have mass.  The difficulty is that science is not so advanced as to be able to answers all questions.  We still don't know why matter should have gravitational property.  If there are positive- negative charges, North- South poles, then why don't we have opposite gravity i.e. attractive and repulsive variants of gravity?  Is quark the ultimate unit of matter?  Can there be gravity without mass?  Neutron may be electrically neutral over all but what about internal distribution?  It has magnetic moment after all!  Electrical and magnetic fields act at a distance and have electro-magnetic waves.  Are their gravitational waves?  If not, how does one body detects another and attracts?  Is and why is gravity inherent to mass?

Photon can behave as waves as well as particle (the famous wave- particle duality). Photon has zero (rest mass) i.e. when still, its mass is zero.  It has no charge hence free from Columbic interaction.  As particle, photons can be scattered.  This means that it changes its direction (exchanges energy/ momentum) on collision.

Soul doesn't have a shape or figure. For reflection, deflection, scattering, there has to be a field or matter to cause them. The position of mass may be different from position of the field.  It's like this:  a magnet on a table may have a magnetic field above the table. 

For magnetic field we require a magnet, for electric field we need charge (e.g. electrons, which have mass), or for gravitational field, mass .  We see an object if our eyes receive photons from that object.  The photons may be generated in the object or scattered/ reflected by the object.  Theoretically, energy source can lose energy as photons.

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