Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Are Virtual and Real worlds the two faces of a single coin?

‘This world is just an illusion’ like sentences might be true statements under some scientific point of views. Many of the times we see something at some place, actually which is not at that place. A star visible to me at a particular place in the sky is a real thing in our vision, but actually we are looking at a very old star which has presently changed its position as well as the shape. Heisenberg uncertainty principle implies that we always see illusions.

Now from another point of view, we are the species of four dimensions. The lower dimensional things such as shade, point, circle are all the virtual things for us. So it is possible that we are the virtual species for some higher dimensional living beings.

We see a world in our night dreams and after waking up we realize that the world we were seeing was only an illusion. In the same manner, can’t we say that today’s real world is actually virtual, which we will realize after waking up from a long sleep (death)?

We think that our body, our relatives etc are same since our birth and childhood. But it is also an illusion. Our body completely changes in span of one month. The old cells of the body die and new are born. So every month we take a birth.
So can’t we say that every reality is really virtual?  

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