Thursday, March 6, 2014

Past was Mythology, Future is Science

It is an accepted fact that mythology has a lot of imaginations which are not possible scientifically. But I think almost every concept which is presently a myth would be a real story of future. In this context we can take example of Arabian Nights, the tales of 1000 nights which contains a lot of fantasies, many of them are the challenges of our modern S& T. That is;

One will say ‘Khul Ja Sim Sim’ and the door will open.
One will say ‘Chhoo Mantar’ and he will disappear.
A light will emit from your sword and the enemy roaring on you will changed into a cat.
A person will rub a ‘lamp’ and the Jinn will appear.

The S & T is now approaching to convert such imaginations into reality. For example the voice recognition technique, in future can control a door which would be open only on saying some code-words. Similarly science can make a special ‘mantra’ which is associated with the visibility – invisibility of someone. The making of invisible man is possible with futuristic optical techniques. Why extremes of biotech can’t convert a woman into a cat? Those miraculous phenomenons are possible with interconnection and advancement of various branches of S&T.

In future, a ‘Jinn’ can appear by structured combination of LASER and some other powerful rays emitted through a ‘lamp’ type transmitter. 

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