Sunday, May 25, 2014

Across the Heights : Part-2

“What’s the matter Tanya? What are you worried about these days?” Tanya couldn’t hide her problem from her closet friend Rohit.

“I’m not worried, but yes I am in a dilemma.”

Both were in a restaurant to enjoy Chinese cuisine.

“What kind of dilemma?” Rohit asked.

“I have been getting same weird dream every day.” said Tanya and elaborated the complete dream to him.

“It seems like you have been affected a lot by that picture in the museum. It is a scientific fact that if something affects our brain, there is a possibility that the same thing is seen in the dream again and again.”

“It can be possible. But that picture was not so special that it affects me so much.”

“It’s not necessary that what affects us is special. You must have seen at times that very ordinary people unknowingly sing any rubbish song. Actually that song is sitting in some corner of their brain and it affects them as if it is very important to them.”

“Let it be anything. But that dream has become a very big trouble for me. I feel as if I am living a double life. One while being alive and the other in wonderland.”

“Why don’t you consult a psychologist.” Rohit suggested.

“I’m also thinking the same thing.” Tanya said and started getting up but sat down again keeping her hand on her forehead.

“What happened” Rohit asked shockingly

“I’m feeling dizzy.”

“It feels like the dream has affected your health also. Come, I’ll take you to the doctor.” Rohit held her hand and gave her support.

Doctor well examined Tanya and came out asking Rohit “Is she your wife?”

“Not yet. What happened doctor?”

“In such conditions her husband should take care of her. She is pregnant since three months and she is suffering from anemia.”

Listening to the doctor Rohit fell into deep astonishment.

The doctor continued “Look, this is a serious matter. I want to meet her husband or talk to him. I want to give him some important piece of advice.”

Rohit took a deep breath and said “Doctor, Tanya is unmarried. How can I believe you that she is pregnant?”

“Oh! I’m Sorry. But the reality is what I have told you.”

During this Tanya had also come out of the check up room.

When she heard what doctor had said she just said, “Impossible!”
To Be continued...

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Abhijit Ray said...

I am curious to know what happens next.