Sunday, May 4, 2014

Transition : Part-2

by Zeashan Zaidi

Anand prepared his project for getting loan from the bank. One bank had accepted his proposal for the loan. But for the payment he needed at least four thousand square meter of sea area. A big amount of money was needed for attaining this much portion of the sea, as different parts of the sea was owned by different multinational companies. These companies used to give a portion of the sea on rent to people for producing fresh water and in return they collect a good amount of money.

The biggest problem arising in front of him was that he did not have the big amount of money required to rent the portion of the sea.

All of a sudden an accident took place in front of his eyes which diverted his attention from his thought. A flying wheel-less car lost its control and collided with the side of a mountain, within a fraction of seconds its parts were totally smashed away into pieces. He ran and reached the place of accident. There was nobody apart from him in that barren land.

Near the car lied a middle aged man who was bleeding. Anand groped the man and realized that he was dead. His body had turned completely numb. He started searching the man for identification. Soon he found out the identity card of that man. According to that card the man was the general manager of SeaWAT Company, to which belonged a large portion of the sea.

‘I wish I would have found him alive, I could have asked him for renting me a portion of the sea.’

Suddenly he thought of an idea and his eyes started twinkling. He again started searching that man’s inner pockets and soon he found a coin shaped microchip. This chip is actually an important part of the body of a wealthy man. That person’s previous records, personal information and hobbies are stored in that chip. This chip was an important way of identification of any individual.

Anand kept that man’s ID card and chip in his pocket, drowned the body in the sea and left from there. He was heading towards a plastic surgeon that used to change people’s face illegally.

When Anand entered the office nobody could make out that he is not the general manager of that company. The surgeon had changed his face in such a way that the chairperson and the wife of the general manager of SeaWAT Company could also accept him as her husband. He passed by the various parts of the office and finally reached the general manager’s Chamber.

He took a deep breath after he sat on the manager’s chair. Nobody could recognize him. Not even the security robots outside the office could check him. The microchip played its role in giving him all the information of the general manager.

He got a smile on his face. Few moments ago he did not even have the money to rent a portion of the sea and now he is the owner of a large portion of the sea.

He called his assistant manager to take the report of the day and soon there entered an extremely beautiful person in his chamber. This assistant manager was D’souza. Anand saw D’souza in amazement as according to the microchip D’souza was a robot. Anand had seen such a complete robot for the first time. He seemed completely as a normal human being.

To be continued.... (Tomorrow, read the end of the story) 

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