Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is it worth to Search Science in Mythology?

My friend Swapnil Bhartiya reply:

There is no point in debating Mythological issues. Trying to find science behind it is like beating the bush, we need to move on. Even American magazines have clearly said they don't want stories re-searching facts behind Biblical stories. Imagination is a human capacity and whether its Hanuman flying or Pushpak Viman, they are just the imagination of people of those times and there is no need to call the Lord Indian Superman or see facts behind him.

While I am aware scientists are trying to find the secret behind Sanjeevni booti (I read a news article), or relics of Dwarka, but that is for scientists with equipments, we writers are not properly equipped or have resources to peel down -- if we try that would be injustice.   

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