Monday, March 10, 2014

Can we make dream machines for future predictions?

--Zeashan Zaidi

We all see dreams. Mostly are not real and we forget after waking up. But there are many examples in history in which someone saw a dream and then his dream appeared later into a real event. One famous example is the President Abraham Lincoln’s murder. President Abraham Lincoln first saw a dream about his murder which unluckily came into reality after a short time span.

Now the question, ‘Is there any physical theory behind seeing the real dreams?’ Can M-theory or some other theory explain these things? It might be possible that an event happens into our dimensions may already be happen previously in some broader dimensions. And we see the shadow of that event as dream. If it is true then we can make almost accurate forecasting by making some dream machines. 


Dj said...

many a time i've realized that my dream comes TRUE in future.

Zeashan Zaidi said...

It may be a topic of research.