Sunday, February 23, 2014

Under Estimate - A short Review

A short review on my story 'Under Estimate' by SciFi writer Dr. Arvind Mishra

The above captioned science fantasy of Zeashan is an attempt to rationalize whether a man could leave its body and travel beyond in its 'energy' form ? Such descriptions could be found in many of our scriptures where sages have been shown to possess this amazing power of leaving temporarily their bodies as and when required to meet some noble causes and then return /enter back to/into their original bodies.
They have also been shown to even occupy some other vacant [dead] bodies when such needs arise. Termed as 'Parkayaa Pravesh'[entering the other body] this phenomenon of our folklores have fascinated us since long.
Now here is a science fantasy on it ! A daring task accepted and successfully carried out by Zeashan.

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