Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Real Game (Part-1)

--Zeashan Zaidi

The aircraft was moving straight in its top speed. All the passengers were sitting calmly and were waiting for their destinations.
This aircraft had a newlywed couple Ravi and Maya as well who were to end their journey in the beautiful valleys of Switzerland.

But for now the aircraft was crossing an abandoned desert. Suddenly the plane started wobbling. The things inside the plane started scattering here and there. The announcements were instructing the passengers to fasten their seat belts as the storm has overpowered the aircraft.
And then there was only the echo of a massive explosion remained.

When Ravi recovered his senses he saw the aircraft in its own ashes. The condition of the aircraft was itself telling than none of the passenger could have survived. He had no idea that what miracle was happened that he was seeing him alive.

The world to him had come to an end. He had not even seen the face of his wife to his heart’s content, yet. And now there were rare chances that he could see her dead body.
He tried to stand up from where he was lying. The accident had wounded his leg badly. He took a thick, strong stem of a tree as the walking stick and walked towards the ashes of the plane. Maybe he wished that Maya is alive.

Maya was extremely surprised to see a huge palace in front of her in a desolated place like this. She was in trance after the accident and immediately seeing the palace right in front of her was enough to shock her.
She looked all around and saw no human being there, except her.

‘Seems like nobody survived the plane crash.’ she thought sue fully. She was feeling sorrow, for Ravi’s demise the most.
All of a sudden she started feeling thirsty.

‘Maybe I get some water inside the palace.’ she thought and walked ahead to push the gigantic gate of the palace. That huge gate opened with such an ease as if a mechanical system is controlling it.
Maya entered the palace and she was surprised to see its magnificence. She had never seen such a beautiful mansion in her entire life. Each room seems to be made of gold and silver. The blue light scattering from the chandelier was creating a dreamy ambiance.

When she sat on the nice antique sofa, she felt like a kid in her mother’s lap.
But the question was that where is the owner of this mansion. In fact there was not even a housefly to indicate life there.

Then roaming around she reached a room that was decorated quite more than the other rooms. There was a throne type of chair kept in the center of the room.
She was awe-struck at how wonderful the room was. Attracted, she went to the chair and sat on it.
The next moment the chair started flying into the earth and before she could understand anything, there was just darkness all around her.

And when she opened her eyes and saw light the second time, she found herself lying outside the mansion.
And her beloved, Ravi is present next to her. For a few seconds they just looked at each other in surprise and then ran to hug each other.

“Ravi, look! Such a beautiful palace in this desolated place.” Maya drew Ravi’s attention towards the castle.
“Oh yes! Indeed it is marvelous.”

“It is even more marvelous from inside.” Saying this Maya took his hands and moved towards the gate of the palace. They were taken by surprise once again, as soon as they entered the palace. The ambience inside was totally changed. Desolate ruins could be seen all around. Tall grass and bushes had grown on the walls and ground. The smell of damp was spread everywhere.

“Eh…What is this? How the scene has changed here?” Maya was perplexed.
“Maybe we entered some other mansion.”
“But there was just one mansion is this area.”

“There is also a possibility that we died in the plane crash and now we are in some other world, where things keep on changing every moment.” Ravi felt a shiver inside himself while saying this.
“If it was so then why has yours wounded leg not come back to normal? Oh! What’s this?”

“What happened?”
“The mansion has turned beautiful again like before.”
Ravi looked all around himself because he can see no changes.
“Maya, are you alright?”

“I am fit and fine.” she sounded cheerfully, while Ravi was suspicious about her mental condition.
“Why are you looking like this? Look above, what a wonderful chandelier it is! I have never seen a chandelier as beautiful as this one.”

Ravi looked up and saw just a big cobweb.
“These types of chandeliers are seen very often in such ruined buildings.” said Ravi in a humorous tone.

“It’s not funny. I say if we take a few items from here and sell them in the market, we will be billionaire!...Hey, who are they?” Maya pointed towards a direction.
Ravi looked back. Two small children were standing there, looking at both of them. None of them was more than three-year-old.

In the blink of an eye the kids were standing in front of them. One of them was a girl and the other a boy.
“Hey, Einstein’s theory of relativity has flopped.” the boy said to the girl.
“And the big bang theory has failed as well.” the girl replied.

“Anyway, let’s go and develop some new theory.” the boy held the girl’s hand and they passed through Ravi and Maya and disappeared. Both of them turned to look back. No one was there at back. Both of them got another shock. It was a great amazement in itself to hear about Einstein’s and Big Bang’s theory from such small kids.

They looked here and there and reached another room. The two same kids were present here.
“Listen!” the girl addressed the boy, “My theory. Actually our universe contracts in one time span and expands in another.”

“This has gone outdated.” The boy said, making unlikely faces, “I had told you three days ago only, that think of some new theory.”
“I’ll have to go very far to think about it. I’m going.” The girl walked up to the wall and then disappeared.
“Wait. I am also coming.” the boy imitated the girl.

“Ravi, I’m feeling dizzy.” Maya just sat down, holding her head.
“I’m not able to understand anything. I think we’ve really died in the plane crash.” Ravi too sat down there on the ground.

As soon as they sat down, the floor suddenly started subsiding into the ground. Then both of them started moving very fast through some dark tunnel.

***** be continued

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